Colored pencil drawing by Bonny Wagoner

URBAN RABBITS is a small family rabbitry registered to the Wagoner Family. We are located in Oregon in the northwest corner of the United States. We raise and show nationally competitive Tan rabbits. Over the years our webpage has evolved and will continue to evolve to provide the best possible information about Tans. We hope you will consider working with this breed and if you already are, please join us on a wonderful Tan adventure.

We are members of the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), the American Tan Rabbit Specialty Club (ATRSC) and the National Tan Rabbit Club (NTRC) in England.

People come and go in this hobby but the one thing that remains constant is the beautiful rabbits we work with. Leave the politics at home and just go have fun. We firmly stand against bullying and harrassment in this hobby.






Our Mission


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