Urban Rabbits

Description of the Tan Specific Care Information Breeding and Propagation An Autotelic Activity

Most folks have one or two breeders they initially get stock from to start with. Over time you'll add new blood lines to enhance certain features in your Tans. There is no "perfect" Tan but it is the goal of all breeders to create one as close to perfect as possible. No one person is responsible for where the breed is today - they are an accumulation of the work of many.

This information was put together as a result of working many years with this beautiful breed. We hope you find it helpful and inspiring. As with any hobby, there are ups and downs but for the most part, working with Tans is quite rewarding. There really is something irresistible about these little buggers!

Litter size:

On average Tans will have litters of 4-5. Typically Tan does are excellent mothers.















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Urban Rabbits